Sharing Information

Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis has two important ways to share information that increases the flexibility of the software.

Firstly there is the facility for a farmer, consultant and accountant to all assist with the entry of data. Once the primary user of Red Sky has set up a farm file with a unique Login Name and Password, then if this is provided to another party then this other party can download the file from the website and continue to enter data. As a result a consultant could set up a farm file and potentially have the farm accountant complete the accounts entry and then the farmer complete the livestock and feed entry. All three parties could then potentially use Red Sky to complete further work on that farm business and all for the cost of a single license fee.

The second facility for sharing information involves the situation where a number of users wish to form a group and share their benchmark data. They could then appoint a coordinator of the group who would set up the group name through the web connection, and then each of the participants could apply to join the group. The coordinator could then determine who is allowed to join the group and who is able to view the benchmark reports of the group. If the coordinator has all the participants Login Names and Passwords then reports could also be produced that compare each participants data, although this can only be done if the coordinator has been provided with the unique Login Names and Passwords. Again there is no additional cost to this facility as the only requirement is that each farm has paid for a single license and that this has not expired.

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