User Manual

To download the Red Sky User Manual in Word® format, CLICK HERE.
(You will need WinZip® to open this)

This manual is intended for accountants and book keepers specialising in the management of farm accounts, farm consultancy groups, farm owners and managers, and any other user of Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis.

The manual is intended to be a front-end user guide, to help first-time users and others find their way around the features and functions of Red Sky.

Topics include:

We’ve tried to keep things simple, and we hope you’ll find this manual easy to use and practical.  There is also a CD-ROM available which includes a comprehensive tutorial on all facets of using Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis. There are both screen shots and commentary for all screens, which should mean users who have some passing familiarity with MS Word and MS Excel are able to enter data in Red Sky.

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