Pricing-License Fees

There is no cost to download Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis over the web. The installation file is around 8 megabytes.

Once Red Sky is set up on your computer then you can commence the entry of data. Once you are ready to view some reports then you need to log on to the internet again. This exchange of data will take a shorter amount of time and will include the uploading of your data for inclusion in the Red Sky database, the payment of any license fees due and the release of your reports that can then be viewed on your computer.

An individual farm business would reasonably expect to purchase one Full Red Sky License per year regardless of whether there was a mix of farming practices on the property (e.g. dairy, sheep and beef areas all within the one farm enterprise would require just one license). The main exception would be where farm performance was being analysed on a wide range of farm areas.

 Red Sky Bureau Fees

This Full Red Sky License fee will cover unlimited use of the software for a ten month period for a defined farm area. There will also be three opportunities to analyse an altered farm area during the ten month period.

The Annual Report License fee can now be used to produce the full range of financial and physical reports, and provide access to all benchmarks for a single year.  There is no longer a Physical Upgrade License as all of the additional functionality specific to this license is now available with the Annual Report License.

Access to these lower level licenses can only be gained if you have opened an account with us.  There is also one further option which is an Upgrade to Full License which upgrades an Annual Report License to a Full Red Sky License.

Unlike the Full Red Sky License which provides access to multiple years and multiple scenarios over a 10 month period, the Annual Report License is limited to the one year and the one scenario for the one farm area.  This licenses carries a term of 132 days (approx 4.5 months).

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