Website Benchmark Data

The following website pages summarise the present benchmarks for Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. The data is presented in the same form as a selection of the Red Sky Reports and this information can be retrieved in full by using the retrieve function within Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis. Login names and passwords for benchmarks are provided to users of the software on application.

Although most benchmarks are marked as ‘Average’ or ‘Top 10%’, this could reasonably be considered as coming from the top 70%-80% of farms and hence the Top 10% coming from the top 7%-8% of farms.

The vast majority of the New Zealand sheep and beef data has been provided by Baker & Associates of Masterton.  The Victorian (Australia) South West sheep, beef and cropping data is sourced from the Department of Primary Industry (DPI) and was collected as part of their Farm Monitor Project.

Further benchmark data will be displayed on this website in the future.

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