Cash Flow

The Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis cash flow facility has been designed to convert a budget into an accurate cash flow in the shortest possible time. The result should be a cash flow that would be suitable for annual planning or a loan proposal, and give an accurate estimate of the monthly movement in funds after allowing for the effect of Goods & Services Tax or other consumption taxes.

There are single screens to enter the tax periods on which you report and the time taken to make tax payments or obtain tax refunds. There is also a milk production screen that should provide for the entry of all present milk payment systems.

All other receipts and payments are initially split equally over the twelve months of the year, although this can then be rapidly changed on either a percentage or absolute basis. Any subsequent changes to the annual numbers used in the cash flow have the difference entered in the twelth month of the year so that updates to the cash flow during the year can be made without affecting the months already completed as actuals.

There have been enhancements to the Cash Flow operation with recent version releases and version 3.1.66 introduced a right mouse command that allows you to spread values in either individual rows or entire screens equally across all months at any time.

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