Red Sky Import


We now have available a second import worksheet that means almost all data for a new farm can be entered via imports.  An example worksheet can be downloaded by clicking here, although it has been prepared for a dairy farm where only the financial data is being entered.  For either a sheep and beef farm to enter data, or for any farm to enter all the physical data, there would be a need to spend some time highlighting the additional entry cells that are to be imported.

For accountants that are using an export from their software and then importing this data into Red Sky, this second worksheet could import all the balance of the data that is not being delivered from the accounts.  Someone could now effectively produce the Red Sky reports without being trained on how to use the software.

To use this secondary import you firstly go to the Options screen and tick the check box in the bottom right corner named 'Red Sky Special Imports'.  This makes visible under the File menu the following selection: 'Red Sky Special Import'.  There are two selections under this option:

  1. Generate Special Import SS - which will generate the Excel worksheet with all fields that can be imported into Red Sky; and
  2. Import Special Red Sky SS - which is selected if you want to import data.

It is essential that this import sheet is the first one used as it overwrites all other data already in Red Sky.  As a result it can presently only be used when entering data for a farm for the first time, and then any accountancy import would follow this one.  With the second year of farm data you would rollover teh previous years data and then edit this data directly in Red Sky.

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