Physical Input

The data required to complete the physical input for Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis will often be more difficult to gather. Although some farmers do record a considerable amount of this information, most do not. However you should find that through a mix of direct questioning and the matching of this with actual income and expenditure, that accurate data can be readily obtained.

Red Sky does ensure that you are often presented with help when entering data. For instance, when entering the cost per tonne of feed and total tonnage of feed, then you should already have visible the actual total value for purchased feed. As a result you will be prompted to review the cost per tonne or total tonnage of feed at the time of entry. In addition you can use benchmarks for the district to complete some of the environmental or other data.

To assist with the collection of this data from farmers you can print off a hard copy of entry forms by going to the Data Entry tab on this website. There is a selection of forms depending on farming type and whether only financial reports or financial and physical reports are to be completed.

Under the Checklists & Definitions tab there is a list of the definitions for all terms used in Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis. In addition there is a list of the Key Performance Indicators for each farming type and a description of how these are calculated, as well as some suggested coding for monthly recording of expenditure on farms.

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