Financial Input

The initial entry of data in Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis will usually be based on an actual year of past performance. This would mean that a majority of the data will be sourced from a set of completed accounts. Normally it is best to obtain a copy of these accounts and then enter progressively all the data from the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account.

The other two sections of the annual accounts that are important are the Stock Account (Livestock Trading Account) and the Asset/Depreciation Schedule. The Stock Account is required to determine the actual change in livestock numbers and to split the actual sales and purchases of livestock from any changes in book values. The Asset/Depreciation Schedule is required to confirm the value of vehicles, plant and machinery as well as to assess whether adjustments need to be made to the book depreciation.

An important avenue of assistance in completing entry is the comparison data (accessed via the Comparison button at the bottom of the screen), which allows you to view other year’s data alongside the one that you are presently completing. This could include the previous year for the existing farm or the average for the district, either of which may assist in entering the present year’s data.

To assist with the collection of the balance of the data from farmers you can print off a hard copy of entry forms by going to the Data Entry tab on this website. There is a selection of forms depending on farming type and whether only financial reports or financial and physical reports are to be completed.

Under the Checklists & Definitions tab there is a list of the definitions for all terms used in Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis. In addition there is a list of the Key Performance Indicators for each farming type and a description of how these are calculated, as well as some suggested coding for monthly recording of expenditure on farms. To assist with business planning there is a recommended procedure for using Red Sky to develop a management plan under Farm Management Plan.

When you use Red Sky for the first time the column widths will be uniformly too narrow. To quickly reset them you should firstly place the cursor within the top title row and between the first and second column, then double click. This will reset the first column to a width that allows all first column words to be grouped on a single line. Then if you click and drag the right hand side of the second or subsequent columns then all the columns bar the first one will be resized. Any further alterations in column width can be completed by clicking and dragging the right hand side of any column. Although you will need to repeat this a number of times as you work through the entry of data, this resizing of the columns will be remembered when you next return to the same screen.

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