Cash Flow

The Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis cash flow facility has been designed to provide a rapid but accurate result. You should note that in most screens there will be one month that is greyed out and as a result you can not enter any numbers in that cell. This is due to that cell being the residual amount that ensures that the total entered for each of the months does still equate to the budgeted amount.

Once you have set up a cash flow with the appropriate total for each receipt and payment allocated to the appropriate month, then further changes to any item will apportion the difference to the last month of the year. This should result in you being able to rapidly apportion receipts and payments in future years if you use the Copy or Rollover functions, as long as most activities do occur at a similar time.

This facility will make updating a cash flow during the course of the year comparatively quick and easy. To update a cash flow you will firstly need to make a copy of the original file and rename this new file that you intend to update. You would then enter the actual amounts for all receipts and payments, and then update the balance of the months for the year. Where actual performance has varied to budget there will be some large positive or negative numbers in the last month of the year which will highlight where there have been variations.

Then you would make the necessary changes to total budgeted figures under the Fianancial/Accounts tab, after which you should be ready to print the cash flow.

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