In the future the Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis benchmark data will be available when you complete a dial-up web connection. Although you may not normally undertake this dial-up until you intend to produce some reports, when you first start using Red Sky you may wish to complete this to obtain a more applicable set of benchmark data for your district.

When you first install Red Sky there are 4 sets of example data immediately available which represent a New Zealand dairy farm, an Australian dairy farm, a New Zealand 50:50 sharemilker/sharefarmer and a mixed sheep, beef and other farm. Until we have sufficient farm data on our server to generate our own live benchmarks we will also provide access to some static data. To this end we have entered data on our server that you can retrieve once you have installed Red Sky.

The available data includes some Dexcel Economic Survey data for New Zealand with the ‘Average’ and ‘Top 10%’ selected on Operating Profit per Hectare. The Australian data is primarily sourced from the Victorian Department of Primary Industry (DPI) which has then been mixed with some further farm data to provide benchmarks for Gippsland, Northern Irrigation and Western Districts. There is also data for Tasmania sourced from the Department of Primary Industry, Water & Environment (DPIWE). The Australian data was not selected from across the industry and has been estimated as representing the ‘Top 40%-50%’ only. In addition there is an example sheep, beef and other farm that has been included to assist in your use of the program. This data is incomplete and is not meant to represent any particular level of industry performance. More data files will be available in due course.

To obtain this data after installing the program you go to the second wizard screen and enter ‘Retrieve Farmer/Clients’ or go to the Main Menu and ‘Farmer/Clients’ then ‘Retrieve’.

Any data that you have either entered yourself and synchronised with the server or retrieved from the server can then be used as comparison data (accessed via the Comparison button at the bottom of the Red Sky screen), which allows you to view this alongside the data that you are presently completing.

Under the Definitions & Data Entry tab there is a list of the most important Key Performance Indicators for each farming type and a description of how these are calculated.

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