Farm Business Analysis Report examples

The example reports available from this website are provided to highlight the range of reports that are produced by Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis. These can be viewed by selecting the report that you wish to see. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed as the reports have been created using this software. You can also print the reports should you wish to do this.

There are example charts, reports and cash flow. Real benchmark data can be viewed on the web pages under Benchmark Data.


There are now Summary reports for each farming enterprise as well as for the total farm business.  These Summary reports combine key physical and financial data into a two-page report.  There are both comparative ratios and key performance indicators, as well as confirmation of the cash that has been paid and received by the business.  We envisage that in many circumstances this is the only report that rural professionals may provide to their clients.

There is also now an Operating Budget report which details annual revenue and expenses, as well as asset purchases, changes to liabilities, tax, drawings, and any other capital items.  This can be accessed under the Reports-Operating Profit tab and is called 'Budget'.  This report would be completed prior to developing a cash flow as it is more readily accessible and more easily manipulated.

These reports are available without the launch of a new version.  The next time you synchronise a farm or select 'Refresh Static Data' under the File menu these new reports will become visible although they will not be populated with data.  You then need to exit Red Sky and restart the program, and then go to these new reports and with the cursor positioned over the first column of numbers, click on your right mouse, and then select 'Recalculate All'.

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