Farm Business Analysis Report example

The ‘DOT’ report or Opportunity Map has been designed to provide a single ‘picture’ or description of how a business is performing and where the strengths and weaknesses are within the business as well as the biggest opportunities for improving profitability. In many instances this may be all a farmer/client may need to review to understand where their immediate focus should be if they wish to improve the performance of their farm.

There are Summary reports for each farming enterprise as well as for the total farm business. These Summary reports combine key physical and financial data into a two-page report. There are both comparative ratios and key performance indicators. We envisage that in many circumstances this is the primary numerical report that rural professionals may provide to their clients.

There is also an Operating Budget report which details annual revenue and expenses, as well as asset purchases, changes to liabilities, tax, drawings, and any other capital items. This can be accessed under the Reports-Operating Profit tab and is called 'Budget'. This report would be completed prior to developing a cash flow as it is more readily accessible and more easily manipulated.

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