Free Download of Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis

New Version 5.02.33 Released 15 September 2011

Download RedSkySetup.exe 7.5MB 

This new version is upgraded to VB.NET and has a range of modifications with the most noticeable improvements in the reporting and printing area.

This latest version is written in an upgraded software language but will appear similar in almost all regards to existing users. The main changes of note are in the reports area where the formatting of reports is both simpler and more flexible. Read more about these changes here . Another change of note is that future updates of Red Sky will be completed by selecting 'Check for Updates' from the Help menu within Red Sky.

Note: All recent versions do not require the removal of the old version.  When you double-click on this file after downloading to your computer, the installation of this new version will proceed immediately.  Then please just follow the prompts.


Previous Version 4.3.14 is still available if required

Download OLD version RedSkyInstall.exe 8.7MB

Note: This version can be re-installed if you encounter any problems with the latest version.  You just need to download this file and double-click on it, which will then step you through the installation procedure.  No data will be lost or any other problems should be encountered.

Download RED-SKY-PDF.exe 4.0MB - the NEW Red Sky print driver for printing Adobe Acrobat PDF reports.

This now allows you to maintain an electronic file record of any reports and then email these to clients or advisors.  Download this file to C:\Red Sky Agri then double click on the file and follow the prompts.  Then when you go to print a report from within Red Sky you select 'Red Sky PDF' from the printer selections.

Windows 98 Initial Download also requires: WindowsMSIsetupForWin98.exe 2.86MB

Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis can be downloaded from our website for free by clicking on the bold RedSkyInstall.exe above.

To learn more about the other enhancements released recently plesae go to 'The Software - Development' or click here.

If you have Windows 98 then you are unable to use the VB.NET versions that were released as version number 5.01.01 or above. In addition if this is your first download you need the installer files from the following file WindowsMSIsetupForWin98.exe.

Windows 98 & Windows ME users may be required to install MDAC 2.8 RTM. You may already have this on your systems. If not and you receive a message stating you must install MDAC prior to running the Red Sky Setup program, the installation program gives details of where to find this.

For Windows 98 users and above, you could also go to the following web address;

Delivery of a CD-ROM is only available in Australia and New Zealand. The cost of this service in Australia is AU$17.00 (including GST) and in New Zealand is NZ$17.00 (including GST).

Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis is provided by Red Sky Agricultural Pty Ltd under a software license agreement which you must agree to before installing the software on your computer. A copy of this license can be viewed on our website under ‘The Software – License Agreements’ or by clicking here.

There is a second license agreement which you must agree to after entering farm performance data and before receiving your first set of reports. A copy of this license can also be viewed on our website under ‘The Software – License Agreements’ or by clicking here.

The Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis package requires a minimum system configuration of at least 128Mb RAM with 200Mhz CPU (or 64Mb RAM with 500Mhz CPU), 15Gb Hard drive with at least 12Mb of free space to download the application software and 100Mb of free space for the database, 33Kb Internet connection, and any of the following operating systems: MS Windows 98 (SR2/Second Edition), MS Windows 2000, MS Windows ME, MS Windows NT, MS Windows XP.

While it may be possible to run Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis on a lesser configuration, we do not recommend it. Support may not be available for a less than minimum configuration.

Download Instructions

  1. Save the "RedSkyInstall.exe" file to your C:\ drive by clicking the link above.
  2. If you have Windows 98 and are downloading the system for the first time, click the link to "WindowsMSIsetupForWin98.exe" and save to your 'My Documents' folder or similar by clicking the link above.
  3. “WindowsMSIsetupForWin98.exe” will prompt you to extract the setup files into a directory called “C:\Red Sky Agri” which it will create for you. Alternatively you can direct it to extract the files into any temporary folder you choose.
  4. Once files have been extracted onto your C:\ drive the setup program will automatically guide you through the setup procedure. When this is finished there should be a Red Sky icon on your desktop.
  5. If you don't have Windows 98, just double click the "RedSkyInstall.exe" application to start extracting the setup files.
  6. Double click on the Red Sky desktop icon and the software will start up.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Save the "RedSkyInstall.exe" file to your C:\ drive by clicking the link above.
  2. Double click on the downloaded "RedSkyInstall.exe" file and follow the prompts. This will remove the old version of the program and replace it with the new version BUT leave your data untouched and available to be used with the upgraded version of Red Sky.
  3. If you have successfully run Red Sky previously then there should be no requirement to download any other support software regardless of the Windows operating system you are using.
  4. Double click on the Red Sky desktop icon and the software will start up. This will automatically launch an update program to upgrade your previously entered data to this new version.
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