Red Sky NEWS - August 2004


This new version significantly broadens the application of Red Sky to cover a more diverse group of farms as well as a wider group of rural professionals.  The changes are so significant that this new version must be installed for users to synchronise data.  Although you can continue to use your present version of Red Sky on your local computer, if you attempt to synchronise you will be informed that you need to upgrade your version.

The main new functionality with this latest version is full stock reconciliations for each livestock class, including fuller reporting of both livestock sales and purchases, and product sales.  There has been an expansion from 4 to 6 farming enterprises, with cropping now having its own specific class and individual crop types recorded separately.  In addition there will shortly be the facility to record fertiliser and nutrient applications in more detail so that a Farm Gate Nutrient Balance can be completed.  There have been a number of other enhancements that continue to improve the accuracy and applicability of Red Sky.  To download this latest version please click here  For more information on the recent enhancements to Red Sky please click here


There have been some major changes to simplify the entering of data for sheep and beef farms.  With the ticking of a checkbox you can now have Red Sky split all data entered between sheep and beef.  Whether you are importing data or entering data line by line, you simply enter the total number and Red Sky will do the rest.  For those wanting to analyse the business in more depth there are stock reconciliations so you can confirm the reliability of opening and closing numbers, as well as stock movements.  This then automatically populates many other Red Sky screens so that tracking of sales and purchases, reproductive performance, and death/loss rates is straightforward.

There have been a host of further enhancements to the entire program.  My thanks again go to Baker & Associates for their time and skill in assisting us to develop this new version of Red Sky.


There is a new CROP enterprise which has been designed to accommodate the specific needs of cropping farmers.  This includes options for grains, small seeds, forages, and a wide range of other crops such as cotton, sugar cane, kiwifruit, apples, grapes, and vegetables.  In addition to analysing overall farm financial performance, you can record performance per hectare on both a yield and revenue basis.


There are now TWO “Other” enterprises so you can analyse deer and/or goats and/or forestry and/or off-farm investments separately.  The key physical reports record meat, fibre (or velvet) and milk (goats or sheep) separately.  You can complete a comprehensive analysis of all of these enterprises, or just as with the other enterprises you can rapidly import data and provide a range of reports in minutes.


The Fertiliser/Farm Gate Nutrient Balance is not quite complete so although you are now able to see the layout of the report under the Physical tab, this will not be fully available for 10-14 days.  There will not need to be a new version launch when this is available, it will simply become active after synchronise.  We will confirm by email when this is complete.


There has been steady growth in use of Red Sky over the last 3 months.  With the recently confirmed use by a number of major accountancy firms in the North Island in particular, we can now be confident that our database should have over 500 dairy farms recorded in both the Waikato and Taranaki over the coming reporting season.  Growth in use by consultants and accountants in other districts has been steady, with accountants taking advantage of the recently designed import facility.

The combination of improved sheep and beef functionality plus the commitment we have received for use by rural professionals also gives us confidence that we will be able to provide sound benchmarks for sheep and beef farms.


We are witnessing a steady increase in use in Australia.  There are now a number of substantial accountancy firms in Victoria in particular offering Red Sky Farm Performance Analysis to their clients.  In addition consultancy use is growing and the total database size is such that benchmarks can be calculated for Gippsland, Northern Victoria and Western Districts, as well as Tasmania.


We continue to receive positive feedback from accountants in regards to our direct import facilities for the three main accountants programs - APS, Solution 6 and MYOB.  We have been assisting accountants to introduce this new functionality and in a number of instances helped map their general ledger to the Red Sky codes.  If you would like to discuss with us how we might assist you to introduce Red Sky to both your staff and clients then please contact us at

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