Red Sky BULLETIN - July 2005


We have recently launched a new version v4.1.52.  Although there is no immediate need to install this version you may see some unusual letters/names in some screens and reports.  As a result we would encourage you to download this version as soon as you are able.

Included in this version is new code that will result in “Hectare” replacing “Area” in most screens and reports.  For sheep and beef data there is also a locale function that will ensure Australians see “DSE” and New Zealanders see “SU” in all screens and reports.  For those users who do not use dollars as their currency then Pound, Euro or Rand will now be visible.


The Red Sky Summary report has been further summarised so that there is a genuinely short report that just concentrates on the key performance indicators of a farm business.  This means that the un-summarised Summary report is identical to the previously summarised Summary report, and the new summarised Summary report has less than half the numbers it had previously.


Development is continuing on our single software solution that will allow accountants to benchmark all their clients – both agricultural and non-agricultural.  We believe that we will have this available within a couple of months and we will keep you informed as launch date draws closer.  This solution will result in a substantial reduction in the time it takes to import and process data, and increase the number of reports that are available.  Our existing import worksheets do provide substantial time savings as compared with hand entering all data into Red Sky, so please do contact us if you would like to discuss this option in the interim.

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