Red Sky NEWS - December 2004


With the production of our first run of 2003/04 benchmarks, farmers on both sides of the Tasman are now able to confirm how their business is performing compared to their peers.  The combination of increasing database size and comprehensive recording of physical performance ensures rural professionals can quickly and easily identify how their clients are progressing.

Dairy benchmarks for both Victoria and New Zealand are now available along with Sheep & Beef benchmarks for New Zealand.  In addition we have updated the 2002/03 NZ dairy benchmarks given the increased number of farms with data now entered.  To retrieve these benchmarks please click here  We will shortly post some of the benchmark reports to our website.

The launch of our Victorian benchmarks brings together all the data we have gathered over the last couple of years and is a major step forward for farm performance analysis in the State.  There are benchmarks for Gippsland, Northern Victoria and Western Districts.  As with the balance of our benchmarks, both average performance and top 10% performance is calculated.

The Australian and New Zealand Dairy benchmarks are produced with a number of milk price scenarios so these can be used for comparing with previous years, planning for the coming year, or for use in a ‘steady state’ milk price environment across multiple years.

The great majority of the NZ Sheep & Beef benchmark data has been provided by Baker & Associates of Masterton.  We have been collaborating with them over the last nine months and their input has been invaluable in developing the sheep, beef and deer aspects of Red Sky.  We have found their attention to detail and overall quality of work exceptional, so we feel fully confident in recommending the benchmarks to you.

Further benchmarks for other districts and/or farm types will be available in the New Year for both countries.


Early in 2005 we will be providing a bureau service to help rural professionals get started with Red Sky.  This will cost-effectively provide you an opportunity to quickly and easily process some farm data so that you can assess the benefit of providing what may be a new service to your clients.  If this sounds of interest then please get in touch with us at


Red Sky now has an Adobe Acrobat print function so that users can save reports as Adobe PDF files.  This provides an opportunity to deliver Red Sky reports via email and/or to store reports electronically.  The program now runs much faster and many screens have less content.  There are some new benchmarks in response to requests from users, although reports are generally shorter and increasingly aligned with the different industries and countries requirements.

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